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City Information System

Urban Information System (UIS) is a set of visually, architecturally, and structurally consistent media that provide guidance to people living in or visiting our City.

The key to any effective UIS is consistent media. They make the system easy to recognize and clear, as well as improving the visual order in the City and the quality of public space. Other crucial characteristics of a good UIS are legibility, well-chosen element locations, comprehensive information and media, and seamless integration with other elements of urban space and other communication channels, such as online urban data.

The key components of any UIS are:

- Signposts with street/location names or providing guidance to specific places, public utility buildings, tourist attractions or stores,

- Illuminated signs, pylon signs and display units, which constitute visual landmark features and are used as major elements of the system. These can communicate any kind of information, but are usually used to display maps or plans. They are particularly useful for communicating information about urban transport and tourist and historical sites,

- Signs with street names, building numbers, district names, etc., installed on buildings or signposts,

- Free-standing signboards which communicate directions or some other information,

- Bus shelters serving the same functions as sigs with street/location names or display units for maps, plans, transit maps, timetables, or other urban information.

Szczecin’s UIS is planned to be expanded to include ancillary elements, such as urban furniture, which does not have to serve as media for urban information, but might visually complement the system to give the streets a uniform, orderly and cohesive character. This also includes pedestrian restraint systems, trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, mooring posts, etc.

The architectural vision behind Szczecin’s UIS, and the range of elements to be included in the system, are described in the System Catalogue. It is attached to the Szczecin City Council Resolution No. IX/177/11 dated 27 June 2011 on the Urban Information System in the City of Szczecin.

But it is important to note here that, as per the Resolution, the System Catalogue only provides general architectural guidance. Under no circumstances should the elements presented in the Catalogue be treated as final designs. Such final designs are being developed for each element of the system as part of our efforts to develop executive designs that will include and integrate all aspects, whether graphic, architectural, structural or technological.

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