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Rewitalizacja miasta



This term, which may be hard to pronounce for Polish people, in fact refers to a very important process. It involves testing changes in the urban space, e.g. on a square or part of a street.

al. wojska polskiego
Wojska Polskiego Avenue

The longest street in the city, with a number of important functions. The part between Zwycięstwa Square and Szarych Szeregów Square has become the axis of the revitalisation process of the city centre.

Community Housing Board / Social Housing Association

Szczecin’s Social Housing Association (TBS), TBS Prawobrzeże and the Community Housing Board for a number of years have carried out activities related to the renovation of tenement houses, especially those located in the city centre.


It is referred to as the heart of Szczecin. The island is located on the eastern side of the Oder. In the pre-war time, the place was teeming with life. How there is an opportunity for the island to gain new functions.


Events Szczecin

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