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Community Housing Board / Social Housing Association

Szczecin’s Social Housing Association (TBS), TBS Prawobrzeże and the Community Housing Board for a number of years have carried out activities related to the renovation of tenement houses, especially those located in the city centre. These entities are upgrading the buildings belonging to them, but also, as the condominium's manager, perform renovation activities on behalf of the remaining owners of tenement houses.  In addition, two Social Housing Associations are building new housing estates. These entities have often been first to initiate important projects contributing to the renewal of the city centre. It is enough to mention revitalisations of the so-called Turzyn quarters and the construction of a housing estate in the area of the Prusy Fort.

Revitalisation is not limited to renovation, but involves a number of programmes dedicated to specific social groups. These activities are carried out in cooperation with bodies in charge of social welfare. There are many of these, but let us just mention Dom dla Seniora (Housing for Seniors), Mieszkania Chronione (Sheltered Housing), Dom dla Studenta (Housing for Students), Dom Dużej Rodziny (Housing for Big Families) and Dom dla Absolwenta (Housing for Graduates), etc. These projects provide opportunities for new residents to move to the city centre.

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