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Akademicki Szczecin

Academic Szczecin

Study in Szczecin
Study in Szczecin

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of foreign students pursuing their education at Szczecin universities. They mainly come from EU countries (usually on student exchange programmes, e.g.

The Academic Awards of the President of the City of Szczecin

The Academic Awards of the President of the City of Szczecin promote innovative and pioneering diploma theses and doctoral dissertations related to the Development Strategy of Szczecin.

Stypendia Prezydenta Miasta
Scholarships granted by the Mayor of Szczecin

Due to the current budgetary situation of the Municipality caused by the changes introduced by the government, as well as the constantly increasing costs incurred by the local government, it was necessary to take a difficult decision concerning the suspension of the scholarship programme of the M

Nagrody prezydenta miasta
The Mayor of Szczecin Awards

The Mayor of Szczecin Awards are granted in recognition of original scientific works characterised by innovativeness, creativity, and a positive and stimulating impact on the Szczecin and regional development. In the award-giving process, the following may be considered:

Dom dla absolwenta
Flats for graduates

“Flats for Graduates”  is an attractive housing programme launched by the city in cooperation with Szczecin’s Communal Building Society. It constitutes an alternative HOUSING FORM which is cheaper than those offered on the commercial rental market.

dom dla studenta
Flats for Students

 “Flats for Students”  is a programme implemented jointly by the Szczecin City Commune and  Szczecin’s Communal Building Society, addressed to students of higher education institutions permanently residing outside Szczecin.


Events Szczecin

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