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Wojska Polskiego Avenue

The longest street in the city, with a number of important functions. The part between Zwycięstwa Square and Szarych Szeregów Square has become the axis of the revitalisation process of the city centre. Before the design of the changes a number of informational activities and social consultations took place. As a result, the direction of changes was set together with the residents. In 2017 an architectural competition was held for the development concept of this and neighbouring areas. The winning vision was put forward by the ARCHAID Jacek Szewczyk Design Studio. Now it's time to make this vision reality.

Due to unique solutions, the design received a subsidy as part of the competition of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development “The Model City Revitalisation”.

Wojska Polskiego Avenue is the axis of the revitalisation process. As part of the project, in addition to the redevelopment of the avenue, economic, social and cultural activities will be integrated in the cooperation of the city, its units, enterprises, non-governmental organisations and residents.

As intended, the avenue’s revitalisation should take place, among others, on the basis of the major Szczecin’s brands located at the avenue. These are brands with a local and national significance which Szczecin’s residents are proud of in the city and beyond, including: Pionier Cinema, Pasztecik Bar, Henryk Sawka’s Gallery and Sylwia Majdan Atelier.

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